About Us

My name is Danae Fayard. My husband Kenneth and I have three sons. We are a small show kennel in northeast Oklahoma.

The name of our kennel is Adaugeo Papillons which in Latin means "To Make Greater" We breed on a limited basis and occasionally have papillons available for placement.
To tell you a little about us. We were blessed with our first papillon in 2005. His name is Champion Zorreaux Fleur De Lis. He has been a joy to our family and still continues to make us laugh and love him with his funny personality. I started looking for a papillon and quickly found that it may take a while and that I would likely not be able to have a show papillon. I searched online for papillon breeder websites and called many breeders who had puppies available. I became very discouraged.

I found a breeder in North Texas who had a litter that had two pups still available. She sent me a photo of the male pup and of course, I was in love. I picked him up at eight weeks old and he has been wound tight within my heart ever since. I wanted to show him in conformation competition. So he and I took conformation classes. When he was nine months old we had our first show. It was a disaster. My perfect little puppy went around the ring with his nose to the floor. He had never done that before but all the new smells had his total attention. Another lesson learned was that every time we stopped moving in the ring he immediately sat down which is a no-no in the ring. The fellow handler standing next to me said " puppy class huh?" Yep that is what he had learned in puppy class to get the treat he had to sit! I was overwhelmed to say the least.

The day before someone who was helping me practice a bit with walking in a show ring had told me that I would probably not be able finish Zorreaux to his championship. I was devastated! All of my hopes and dreams for my sweet puppy were up in smoke. On the other side I did have a word of encouragement from the same fellow in the ring that day. Zorreaux’s coat was nothing like the other nine to twelve month old males. I thought my hopes of a show dog were gone. But this same fellow asked me what Zorreaux’s breeding was. He knew Zorreaux’s sire and told me that his offspring matured later and that he would have more coat in time. I did not overcome the comment that Zorreaux would never be a champion. So I just loved my pup and didn’t plan on showing him again.

In 2009 I began looking for another papillon. I contacted Don Bauer from the Tulsa Papillon Club. Our first conversation was full of promise. He gave me much insight, wisdom and possibilities. He invited me to the Tulsa Papillon Club meeting and said that I could bring Zorreaux along. I brought Zorreaux to the meeting and Don Bauer looked him over. Don told me that he didn’t see any reason that Zorreaux could not be shown. He thought that because of his age that I should consider a professional handler and recommended Dan and Lorelie Bayless of Namaste Papillons. This meant that I would have to let Zorreaux go on the road with a handler. It was a very difficult decision to even think of letting him go to someone I didn’t know. But Don assured me that he would be taken care of very well with the Bayless’. Dan looked Zorreaux over and said that he thought that they would be able to finish him. Wow! I just couldn’t believe it. Then he said that he should go ahead and take him now so that Zorreaux could become acquainted with he and Lorelei before his first show. I was not prepared to let him go that day. I was only there to let Dan decide if Zorreaux was something that they would consider handling. That day there were two other breeders there to drop off and pick up dogs that the Bayless’ would be showing or had finished. Don Bauer was one of those with a sweet little sable and white female named Rosie The Riveter. Don Bauer saw my hesitation to let Zorreaux go, right then so he offered a solution that would ease my separation from Zorreaux. He said that I could take Rosie as a "Loaner Dog" to keep me company while Zorreaux was away. I had met Rosie at the Tulsa Papillon Club meeting a few weeks before and had fallen in love with her. Rosie was precious but a bit shy. So this gave me a mission to help her to become more comfortable in and with new surroundings and people. So that’s what happened, Zorreaux left with Dan and Rosie left with me. I had also learned that it would be next to impossible to find a reputable show breeder that would allow me to purchase a female papillon while I had an unaltered male at home. This gave me motivation to let Zorreaux attempt to achieve his championship.

Zorreaux’s first show was August 29, 2009 and he received his championship in the beginning of December.

Dan Bayless knew that I wanted a female and had a friend who needed to find a home for one of his females. So I called Brian Leonard (who by the way was the same kind soul who gave me an encouraging word at mine and Zorreaux’s first show) and it sounded like a perfect fit. Her name was Foxxy and she was expecting in January. The sire of her litter was Peyton: Ch Copella’s Rising Attraction. Peyton was so beautiful and I just couldn’t believe that all of the things that I wanted so where just falling into place. God is good and hears the desires of our hearts.

I so enjoy showing in conformation and breeding and raising these precious little gems and I hope to continue for many years. I have been so very blessed to have a dear circle of papillon breeders who are so generous and selfless to always offer a kind and encouraging word. I will always be grateful for such blessings as my journey continues.

Danae Fayard
Adaugeo Papillons